The Building of Liverpool

Great great granddad was Italian;
he built St George’s Hall,
at least that’s what my mother said,
but it could be a story (tall!)
Granddad built the Cathedral, that is, the Anglican one,
I think he must have had some help,
that sandstone weighed a ton!

My father was a plasterer and he’s made his mark,
in countless homes across Liverpool,
he worked ‘til it went dark.
fixing ceilings that looked beyond repair
and walls that were falling down,
Andy the plasterer? Oh he was the best in town!

When I was a child I used to watch him
smoothing on the plaster, I was certain, even then,
that he could put right any disaster.
From a family of skilled craftsmen,
I am very proud to be,
I have only one regret though,
their skills didn’t rub off on to me!

By Patricia Heaps