Arnold Grove

We lived in Arnold Grove once
opposite Georgie Harrisons house
George was a Beatle you know

Just a few houses in our little grove
behind the Lamb pub
nice neighbours, close to shops

At least three times a day we got invaded
big yellow Beatle bus turns up
people swarming in our grove
camera click click

Early morning, open curtains
two faces peering back at me, aaargh
"wrong house" I shout, "turn around,thats George"
shy thank you`s, clickity click

My son knew all the patter
he would tell the crowds
"George was born in that window"
I never knew George was born in a window

Sitting in the summer on me step
crowds turn corner, block me sun
American says" people used to live in these tiny houses"
angry Scouser says " people still do mate, I aint no actor"

Happy Australian guy comes to chat
" I never knew you had sun in England "
another Aussie will be happy in January
he will see his first snow fall

Me old mate Eddie took some of the tours
he liked to joke, caught you returning from shops
told the crowds i was George`s cousin
click click camera with me, me bread, me milk

I must have been interviewed on every countries TV
never knew what half of them said
just nodded, and smiled
you`ve been framed in Russia

Of course we saw some sights
people crying at George`s door
people knocking on George`s door
he`s moved love, he wont answer

Of course we had some laughs
chats and jokes with people
strangers from the world
all outside our house

Watching people stand at George`s door
some singing, some shaking
taking pics for back home
they really loved that guy

Then we found "we need a bigger house"
all packed up, off we went
leaving Arnold Grove behind
pssst, they are tiny houses

Now we live in the bigger house
big garden, real nice place
but we look back with fondness
to the time we lived by George

By Anthony Hogan