Chilla pom pom

...thats what he was called
by his loved

A strong Liverpool man
who loved the city
and was proud to
be scouse.

He sat me down one day
and I listened to
his life stories -
how glad I am that I
gave the time to him.
I think it meant as much
to him as it did to me.

He was a postman and
went on his bike
delivering mail between
Everyone knew him
and he was
liked and respected
by all.

He'd also served in
the navy and
we'd all call him
'uncle albert'
when he started
his tale-telling.

Now I can take his words
and hand them down
to my children
so that they will feel like
they knew him
as well as I did.

How many people are
lucky enough to know
their grandparents as friends?

He told me his good times
and his bad.
He told me how he met my nannie -
his beautiful bride
and how he missed her so
now she was gone
from him.

He called me a 'half-chat'.
his nickname for someone
who was half scouse
and half welsh.

I shared stories with him
and I loved that
I could make him laugh-
and hoped that I had made
him proud.

Now he has gone
and is reunited with
his 'junior miss'
but his tales will
live on

By Lisa Arthur