A Big Home

No 2 is upside down - mischievious bastards!
Piano strings are out of tune - someone tried to fix them with pick-up sticks, didnt work
Mice have the run of the kitchen tops - we chucked the mouse traps in the bin just now, we're a peaceful lot we are
Peggy and Jeff are our supernatural hosts - we're on good terms now, they eat our biscuits
Our cherubs hide in forgotten corners - smoking spliff, playing the arse-trumpet, showing off their roses
At night I hear the rumbling trains - I don't
Music rises through the floor most days - we don't have neighbours so they don't mind
We are eight, our motley crew - 8 like infinity
This is the Spekeland, our humble home - as humble as we make it

By David Hastie & Johanna Hillebrand