By Day - By Night

Day breaks and the heady smell of petrol starts to fill the air,
Buses, Cars, Taxis.
The steady flow of business people and shoppers begin their days play in the city.

Gangs of giggling girls head towards the greatest high street shops to find a bargain.
Young men seek out sports shops and designer boutiques in the hope of becoming suited and booted by the end of the day.
Business-people rush towards their work-place for the morning shift

The day moves on and the people have morphed.
The girls now carry with them armfuls of bags from a whole variety of shops.
The head-turning boys now haul new clubbing gear with them.
Buisness people are embracing their cigarette and coffee breaks outside of their work-place.

Evening draws to a close.
Shoppers have made a quick exit.
Buisness men and women have finished their shifts.
Nightlife awakens.

The girls are now making full use of their new clobber and are now fully made-up strolling through the city lights.
The young men attract flirtatious glances from the girls at the bar, muttering to their friends and enjoying - the music, the drink, the energy.
From outside the heavy bass thumps through the air.

A stomach-churning yet somehow mouth-watering smell of kebab meat replaces every ounce of oxygen.
Thousands of people of all shapes and sizes dive into taxis.
Singles, Groups of friends, Newly acquainted.
Most of the few clubbers left are yawning and rubbing their heads, wondering how on earth they will get up for work!

Sunrise - a new day.
The whole cycle begins again...

By Rebecca Mason