Letter from a purple Dustbin.

Apologies, but I’ve got to moan to someone.
I mean why me?
Why paint me royal purple
then stuff me with rubbish?

Do people lift your lid and heap trash on you?
I think not.
You’re the one who throws the rubbish!

If you get dirty, you get cleaned up.
Yes you do.
Not me, I’m just left to stew…in my own rubbish.

How about a ‘Be kind to your royal dustbin day’.
Don’t bother; I know what they’d say,
“Kind to a bin? A purple bin?
Never heard such rubbish!”

I mean even a bathroom has the odd toilet-duck.
So how about a bin-duck day?
Huh, bin-ducks might fly!
I know! I’m talking rubbish.

Sorry, got to go, I’ve just heard a noise,
The Bin men are coming,
At least they like rubbish,
but why arent they in purple?

By Anna Nicholson