I remember

Gaslamps on each street corner
stars to help our eyes light the way
neon lights shine as we look up into skies,
Oh what do we miss?
cinema's at least 4 in half mile radius
large, flashy, capable of holding hundreds
with prices to suit low budget
choice of front, back or balcony,
decorated in rich handpainted flowers
faces and places in all shades of colours
gold running through each line.

Cobbled streets
tar melting on a hot summers day,
riding my bike to Pier Head
down the floating roadway
with my dog Rusty in toe
running happily beside me,
traffic was minimum
horse drawn carriages still existed,
street processions
houses decorated with bunting and pictures
even kerbs painted white,
street football competitions
'hey ai, silly won the cup'
(st Sylvestors)
'hey ai Eldy won the cup'
our lady of Eldon street,
the winning team then parading streets
with boys hosted aloft and maybe a cup.

Street entertainers like bimbo
dressed in safari style
playing a flute
while also perfecting a sword dance,
the men outside T.J Hughes
performing Houdini style act
padlocked into a sack
yet always managed to escape,
while his friend collected pennies/ half pennies
well earned days work.

We lived in terraced house
near some 3 storey flats,
at night it was pleasure
lieing in bed listening
to teenage boys playing
mouth organs
piano accordion
singing many songs
I first heard here
'come back to Sorrento'
which lead to dreams of Italy,
all this cost nothing
which is why i'm bewildered
by todays society
always needing wanting more,
Its only now that I have come
to realise how happy things were.

By Patricia Gornell