Met a lady getting off a bus.
The clippie told her to.
It was one of those old green Atlanteans
parked at the Pierhead.
She went and sat on top of its huge rubber bumper.
Said all Rollís Royceís had a flying lady on the front.
So why couldnít she be a ĎBus-Bumper-Babeí?

Driver didnít think much of that.
slid open his cab window and shouted
Get lost!

She looked stunning in her Afghan coat and diamond tiara.
Said my name is Tara, not tiara.
She was pleased when I told her Tara spelt
ĎA ratí backwards.
and let me buy her a steaming mug of tea
from the butty van.
Isnít love a wonderful thing?

By Neal. Sellers