Kitty Wilkinson

Who is Catherine seaward, she is a herione to us all
the girl we know as Kitty, who came when we did call
this Irish lass from Derry, came here when she was nine
she understood and undertook, to help us all the time

Kitty lost her father, on that boat to Liverpool
her little sister drowned as well, how life can be so cruel
her mother found a place, a home that they could make
they struggled as they looked around, for jobs that they could take

Domestics with Mrs Lightbody, a lady kind with face
Kitty`s mum taught servants, to spin and make the lace
nice old Mrs Lightbody, the poor she helped and praised
kitty saw her kindness, and this with Kitty stayed

Only two years later, and Kitty works the cotton mill
her mothers poorly evermore , they left when she came ill
so kitty works the cotton, for nigh on next 10 years
here she first meets Tom Wilkinson, a man who really cares

Kitty`s back in Liverpool, her mothers back here too
their living now in Frederick Street, domestic jobs they do
mental health effects her mam, she`s falling to the strain
Kitty wont hear of the asylum, they battle through the pain

Kitty meets her husband, Emanuel Demontee
the Frenchman is a sailor and is drowned while out at sea
She brings her two young boys up, works harder than a man
along the way she always helps, the needy when she can

Kitty meets Tom Wilkinson, the man she knew before
they marry and he just like her, is glad to help the poor
Denison street they rent a house, the door is open wide
anyone in need of help, is welcome here inside

A washroom in her cellar, tries to keep cholera at bay
clean your bedding clean your clothes, 1p is all you pay
In no time Kitty`s kitchen, is a washroom for the need
her bedroom is a nursery school, to teach the kids to read

Securing help from charity, from well off people too
Kit and Tom kept helping, as their washroom grew and grew
soon many wash houses, with public baths beside
where springing up on many streets, big and clean inside

The authorities sat up and looked, at what Kitty had laid
wash house superintendents, the cities offer made
the Wilkinsons accepted, a wash house in Frederick street
they ran it ever helpful, and got praised by all they`d meet

Now when our Queen Victoria, came up to see our city
she wanted to meet dignitaries, she wanted to meet Kitty
Although she sat and met the Queen, and this bit brings me laughs
I bet you not long after, she was back running her baths

In 1860 aged seventy three, Kitty sadly died
From north to south,east to west, the city as one cried
her funeral at St James, was attended by every class
all had come to say goodbye, to the kindly Irish lass

At our Anglican cathedral, stands a window for our Kitty
the glass is cut so beautiful, the colours shine so pretty
A really fine memorial, for all she chose to do
a fitting way for Liverpool, to say our thanks to you

God Bless You Kitty

By Anthony Hogan