A Grand Place

1207 - this was the year,
King John founded a new township here.
800 years on, and who would have guessed,
there would be a great city, strong and well blessed.

Over the years, so many souls
have passed through or stayed here -
free spirits or sold
to a life full of misery and horrors untold.

Nothing deterred them,
still they came here,
planting deep roots
which would grow and adhere.

For the captains and merchants,
a place of great wealth,
cocooned in their towers
away from the poor and ill-health.

The ordinary folk from the courts and back streets,
Ten to a bed and scarce food to eat -
Life just a struggle from day through to night,
Nobody caring as to their plight.

But all of these people made Liverpool great,
the sailors, the brewers, the Irish - they all
came,laboured and conquered
this teeming metropolis with it huge smokey pall.

These are the folk who made Liverpool great
Their accents as thick as the fog on the land,
the humour, the strength, the welcome they gave
to each and to all was offered a hand.

So all of the nations who came here to live,
who settled, and stayed, and made it their own,
They gave us this legacy -
our Liverpool home.

By wendy milner