Pete Price

Pete Price, is very nice
but sometimes on a Sunday
he gets a load of nob heads on
its not a very fun day

Feeling rather fed up
Pete begins to shout
you idiot, you peasant
then plays " I`ll knock you out "

He also has his softer side
with a smile upon his face
he helps so many causes
just ask Zoe`s place

He picks so many topics
from fun to whats a menace
plenty guest are on his show
ghost hunters to a chemist

He has his coffee mornings
the public come along
they have a lot of laughter
take photos, sing a song

From the harshest subject
Pete will never cower
but he sometimes chucks a wobbler
high up in his tower

He has entertained for many years
and sometimes he`s a pain
but imagine if we had no Pete
it sure would be a shame

By Anthony Hogan