'Twas back in the year 1207

a day in history long gone
That Liverpool was granted a charter
Bestowed by good King John

800 years ago this year
So many happenings in between
You'll find it in all the history books
That's if you're really keen

But I speak of the times I know
And tell of them in my own way
Memories of my Liverpool
And of how things are today

You can keep your domes of the Kremlin
The Blue Mosque and the Taj Mahal
Some of the best buildings in the world
are in Liverpool old pal

Visit our famous Pier Head
See the look on strangers faces
When they see our waterfront buildings -
Our world famous three graces

Now come with me along this way
You're in for a bit of a shock
Another sight for sore eyes -
Our beautiful restored Albert Dock

Once we had the Overhead Railway
A famous feature of our town
But some short sighted planners
Pulled the darned thing down

Back then we had a tramway system
And Green Goddesses we rode with pride
But now the tracks are buried under asphhalt
It's still much missed on Merseyside

Liverpool is a town of friendly people
Always quick to appreciate a joke
Cheerful in adversity
Even though they may be broke

We are noted for our sense of humour
Just visit us and you'll see
You can have your Shangri La and Utopia
Liverpool's good enough for me

By Happy Birthday