Stuckists v John Moores Walker 2005

The Stuckists were waiting
for us gawpers to go
milling round
looking up Tara’s knickers
meeting - avoiding old friends,
fragmented conversation.

“ a manor house in a Carry on Film”
“... an ugly-ancestor hall of fame.’

Toothpaste eyes narrowed
desperately waiting
to come down from the walls
and party

“...Its Bratby all over again”
“...not like the Moores mob”

“ mean Myra with her children,
the family she always wanted”

the room went cold

“ the John Moores mob
straight out of ‘The Build’,
wouldn’t mix in here though”

“...why don’t we rescue Mature Love Poem
she doesn’t belong in there either.”

“Bring the Tourist” shouted Hitler
who could contain himself no longer
....and we all went home.

By Seth Gallagher