Liverpool Life in the 60's

Liverpool Life in the 60s

Four in a bed, me and my three sisters,
I love them all, their my skin and blisters.

During the winter wed all huddle up,
Extra coats, me mam would bring up.

Flatley dryer lid, used as a sleigh,
Straight onto the slopes of the field we would play,

Odd socks on our hands to keep us warm,
The children would flock to the field in a swarm

Inside windows full of ice, drip off the windowsill,
We thought it was mice,

No central heating in the 60s you know,
We would wrap up warm and go out in the snow.

How proud we were of our family anall,
Sunday best and wed be walking tall,

Me nan would say when shed had a shandy
Always walk straight, never let on you are bandy

How happy we were in those good old days,
So lets celebrate our birthday and our fabulous ways.

By Pauline Gainford Liverpool Direct

By pauline gainford