In 2001 a great big multicoloured accessible bus
came careering through the streets of Liverpool
a direct result of the Council agreeing to implement
the Social Model of Disability.

Ruth clinging onto the steering wheel for dear life
disabled artists hanging out of windows
cheering the right to show
their art to an astonished public.

In the six years that followed,
DaDaFest won many awards
the bus become a fleet
Ruth still trying to drive them all
championing the corner for Disability Rights
of us artists everywhere
and Ruth goes a lot of places
with her hearing dog Norah
so you better let her in!

Those old hands now celebs
role models for
the young crop
Heroes of Young DaDaFest
new recruits with the aplomb and guts
to demand their rightful place in the free for all
of an inclusive world.

Its exciting to wonder what the future will hold
as this army of talent unfolds
instigated by Liverpool City Council
and the charge
by Ruth Gould.

By Roger Cliffe-Thompson