Liver Bird Flu

Liver Bird Flu
is an extraordinary virus
affecting people in different ways
once you’ve caught it
there it stays
sometimes quiescent for years and years
then in a moment your’e reduced to tears
... at the very mention of Liverpool.

Liver Bird Flu
is non selective,
visitors are sometimes struck
forever rooted to the spot
poor parents wonder
why their young won’t go home
not realising they’ve become
Scousers re-born.

Liver Bird Flu
Scousers inherit in full
it’s genetic, endemic in the
Liverpool gene pool.
Remedies include scoffing, laughing,
moving to a posh home
but there’s no escaping your winged

If you leave the infection may die down
you think you’re rid of it till you come home
and words like “Lah “and “Oh I yeh”
tumble out of your mouth
your voice gets louder and you join in the shout
-a peculiar symptom of this extraordinary virus
your temperature is pleasant, you always feel warm
that’s why Fridays in Mathew Street
they’ve got nothing on.

Liver Bird Flu is a global pandemic
in far flung places Scousers become homesick
sidle up to you in a conspiratorial way
side of mouth no one can hear what they say
“How are the Reds doing, what of the Blues?
Council still mucking things up,
c’mon give us the news?”

Liver Bird Flu is an airborne virus
radiating 24-7 from the sky .. on.. us.
But the most extraordinary thing is
that though its unseen
nobody, but nobody
... wants a vaccine.

By Roger Cliffe-Thompson