Funeral Fund

Industrial Liverpool at this historic time,
Had wealth and beauty cascading like a fountain,
But now three generations past it's prime,
lt's cosmopolitan people and city still remain.
Then it was the world's most important port,
So for it's people security had to be sought.
The Funeral Fund began in 1850.
When nine working men agreed to meet in a pub,
They talked about family security and being thrifty,
So they decided to invest and start a burial club.
A policy for the working man's income was designed,
With money for his poor widow and family in mind.
They arranged to meet in a house in Pickop Streets
This is where the Royal Society was born,
So there all the members regularly used to meet,
And it was there that the company's officers were sworn.
Great demand for such security services was created,
So it became a business venture involving the belated.
This company is now the Royal Liver Assurance,
And in Liverpool is where it's seeds were sown.
It is still a Friendly Society for it's endurance,
But from a Funeral Service it has vastly grown.
In fact it was started originally by just nine men,
Who for their families' future, who knows when?

By Poem handed in at Zoes PLace