Back In '56

A group would get together on a lovely summers day,
only age nine or ten were we, but you could do that then.
And off we'd go to Stanley park the biggest pushing the pram.
We crossed the road all tightly holding together because you were still in site of your Mam.
Everyone took a turn to push the big bottomed silver cross.
Three and four at a time pushing hard up Everton valley.
We got our bottle of Fanta’s in the little Corner Shop
and over the road we'd go and flop down by the Cuckoo Clock.
Boiling hot days and some would strip off and into the pond they’d go
... dresses tucked into knickers for the more shy amongst the crowd.
Running from one thing to another, the swings, the sea-saw and the slide.
Bursting with activity as only a youngin can.
Collecting everything together letting the little ones ride the pram.
Tired and hungry, it seemed a long way as we trudged the journey home.
Not a sound from anyone, too tired to even speak, and there in the distance
was yer Mam, on the step just getting a little anxious as its turned five o’clock.
Everyone comes to life with all the tales of the day
and before we even get any closer there's shouts of "can I stay out and play".

By Mary Wrigley