St Patrick’s The Church On The Hill

One hundred and fifty years ago,
a little parish started to grow,
the people though poor gave what they could spare,
and built a chapel they all could share

They picked a spot upon the hill,
and built St Patrick, its standing still,
it stood the war, the bombs and vandals,
you can still walk in and light your candles.

The bells still ring , the choir still sings.
prayers are said for the living and the dead,
in side on your right, there’s Our Lady of Sorrows,
where people pray for their tomorrows.

This figure is so very sad,
a mother comforts her son a lad,
St Anthony stands, asking for bread,
for the poor and the sick whose lives they shared.

To let this church decay
would fill us with guilt
so please help restore
what our ancestors built.

By Margaret Lumley nee Ross