My Liverpool Love

My Liverpool Love
A mistress of the night\'s temptation,
And some would say beyond redemption.
And I, yes I began to love her -
Gave my heart to sweet surrender,
To my Liverpool love.

Across the crowded bar that night,
Our gaze was caught in middle flight;
My heart was pierced her smile foretold -
That she would win and she would hold.
Oh, my Liverpool love.

I saw my soul within her eyes;
Her breath was warm, how soft her sighs;
I gave myself to her embrace -
And God forbid, her sin had grace.
Oh, my Liverpool love.

A captive to what Fate decreed,
Would answer for her every need;
And I, yes I was of the plan -
An island in a sea of men;
For my Liverpool love.

I kissed the lips that they had known;
And wept that I was not alone;
But prayed that I might different be -
And that she would so surely see,
She was my Liverpool love.

I loved her true as none might do,
Beyond the falseness of those who,
Would seek her arms for briefness sake -
Her heart once won to surely break.
Oh, my Liverpool love.

The past is gone, the future bought;
I cannot say it was for nought.
I am by far the richer man -
Who lived and loved throughout his span:
To my Liverpool love.

By michael walsh