It must be half past nine!
Hordes of them gather at the bus stop
you can sense the excitement
like teenagers outside a youth club
(the few clubs that are left) only its a.m, not p.m.

Bus doors hiss open.
“Am I too early driver” they shout from the floor,
quick flourish of bus pass before hauling aboard
in a flood of old coats, scarves and hats.
Some with shopping bags
some with sticks,
all rushing in case they miss
the bargains at Primark or Wilkie’s.

Diving, digging, delving,
not one trick escapes their eagle eye,
poor St Johns Precinct is in for scrutiny
more intense that any from MI5,
but this isn’t just Liverpool,
from Chester to Southport
marches our venerable Twirly army,
had a nice cuppa tea and ready for the day
after all they’ve been up since six thirty !

By B. Nichols