1996 Concert Square - Late Autumn
Jam packed with young people,
drinking and enjoying themselves.
Hordes parade up and down pavements
from venue to venue.
Lads in open necked short-sleeve shirts
girls wearing next to nothing.

Muffled thud of music
individuals, then groups leave the surrounding bars
staggering over cobbles to join the queues outside Cream.
They move at snails pace through the main entrance,
passing a bored nurse sitting in an ambulance,
moving into to a dark place,
an inferno.

Balloons ride the airwaves like confetti.
Mega toilet queue, bodies chill all over the place.
Listless squads stand at different levels,
till the pulse of the music increases,
faster, faster, faster,
swelling to a hysterical crescendo
before breaking into frenetic dance,
faces turned up to worship
as the soaring music immerses them in rapture.
Fat Boy’s not so slim tonight

By Dave Prendergast