Ghost of the Mersey

A mist is rising from the Mersey
shall I listen, anticipating her call
am I wasted in my quest
will she flow, revealing all I yearn

Must I beg to be free
Play the days that passed before
spare no trauma, shield no pain
return the past to me

Hoof on cobble echo
men, shouting, working, speed
unload the goods, make haste
another waits its place

A coffin ship, yer man aboard
kin folk, weary, hungry
driven from their homeland
hopeless, in despair

Back and forth
a ferry's day is endless
taking human cargo
to work, to home, to play

Atlantic cruisers, huge in size
carry people's dreams
a new world, new life
a journey of hope

Flatmen zig and zag their way
always a load, to take, to bring
docks, canal, flows, and gates
familiar all to hear

Troopships, come to steal
our men, our boys, for war
how many to return
the women's fear, so real, so hard

Jolly days, a holiday
Isle of Man, awaits for you
happy, excited, curious children
good times, not far away

When the mist rises from the Mersey
will you listen, wait her call
stand silent, water,s edge
she, like those before, will find you

By Anthony Hogan