I cannot remember one thing about you

I cannot remember one thing about you,
I was with you for so long,
I cannot remember one thing about you,
I blanket you gone
From the snow by Sudley House, where I dragged a boy kicking and screaming, Looking for stories of the city with me inside it,
Dotting from house to house, brick a brack boards hung on your windows.

You could walk for hours, and sometimes we did, always covered in Sefton Park spiders, before we climbed the tree and I felt empty and silly but you always covered me.

And when I dreamed of the old pier with the wooden theatre and the flower fair,
You knew it was the sweetest place,
Viewing Liverpool from there.

I fell more into the city then anything,
The Wirral boy with all his kisses and the constant madness of friends and laughter, The accidental drama mistaken for sea air.

By Fairy