Soccer Phoenix

The legend has been written
from a tale woven
into myth around firesides.
How the night
belonged to a squad of incredibles
who stole it for the fans that
travelled to Istanbul,
or watched it on the box
in homes wherever the red
terrace song is sung.

Even wooleybacks and non scousers, speak
of taking their shirts off and waving
them around their heads
in contagious celebration
crying at the finish
unable to take it in,

many yielding to a moment they had prayed
would return all their adult lives,

last witnessed when a curly headed
Souness held old Big Ears aloft
as a last devotional act
for the fanatical Anfield supporters.

The Milanese may say our Grobbellar
wobbly goalkeeper was illegal,
but we just laugh and raise a toast
to the soccer Gods blessing a team
unbeaten all over Europe in 20.05.

For faith had been restored
to those who never walk alone
and pride once more brought
back in true scouse style
to football's spiritual home.

By Desmond Swords