Born to Shop

Twisting,turning, slipping into clothes was the thing to do in St John's dive into the bargains
wear the clothes create an image to be hip
hipster pants beltedup blazing red
sip the cup of chance go downstairs revel in the clothes of
different hues from orange to crazy blues
then sip a pint at the Cavern.

Take in the culture
The Wigwam, the Tate the Beatles Museum where time is
fixed, step into the pool of imagination
let the slavery of the mind free you
no longer will the black race be sold on commercialisation
but as individuals work together to embrace the present
Liverpool that has a cocktail a fusion of races

Raise a glass to the future
celebrate each colour dance in multi coloured saris
use extensions to change your hair to a different hue
taste success to the human race...

By Gabby Tyrrell