The City Within

The tower stands tall, rays of sun thrown on to the stone.
It is the one protector of the city... one alone.
Swarms of people fill the streets, with shopping bags and kids with sweets.
The buses skid around the corners, on the daily routine filled with people supporting the local football team.
Lads in caps and ladies with poodles, accompany the kids doing endless doodles.
Restaurants and breakfast bars are full and busy with hanging baskets outside full of busy lizzy's.
The supermarket and it's endless aisles... to the men it seems miles.
Trolleys stacked with veg' and you'll always find that cheddar cheese wedge!
At last the day ends and the night club starts, with pretty ladies and the occasional pop star.
Everybody has a good I come to the end of my rhyme.

By Molly Griffiths (age 11)