I am a Liver bird

I am a mighty Liver bird,
I watch over Merseyside,
I used to fly over rivers and seas,
but looking after Liverpool I have pride.

Once I flew around and afar,
And on top of a building a had a rest,
but all of a sudden I turned to stone,
with no feathers at my chest.

Lots of people admire me,
I am now loved as an attraction,
so I guess I'll never fly again,
I guess that is a fact.

There's a football team called Liverpool F.C,
and they liked me the best,
so now I am also on,
the Liverpool F.C crest.

People think I'm good luck,
I don't know why,
I am just a Liver bird,
that once flew in the sky.

I will protect Liverpool,
I will look out for danger,
because out of all the famous attractions,
I am the most major.

I am a mighty Liver bird,
built so tall and alone,
I will fly again,
but for now I will protect my home.

By Jenny Reid