The Heart of the City

In the space
between two heart -
Copper birds shake off their chains
A radio tower slumps, rubber-spined
Stone lions slip from plinths
Cathedrals lumber closer
Superlambanana bleats
Bronze statues query pigeons
remind me again, who am I?
Anfield & Goodison wrestle
Three flirtatious Graces sing
make us a mirror, River
Theatres belch trapped laughter
Parks play Chinese Whispers
Avenues of trees pass it on, pass it on
Docks stroke the flanks of ships
One-way systems unravel
city bones of wood, iron, glass, stone
- beats
and life pulses through the city
breath in its lungs
blood in its veins
and - at its heart - you

courtesy of Orbis International Literary Magazine

By Sarah Maclennan